Spring Plant Sale

April 28, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Smith-Gilbert Gardens
2382 Pine Mountain Rd
Kennesaw, GA 30152
General Admission
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Smith-Gilbert Gardens hosts its Spring Plant Sale on April 28th from 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM. Find the perfect plant for your own landscape and garden! The Spring Plant Sale will be staffed with knowledgeable horticulturists to answer questions and give garden advice.

**Please note, some plants will be subject to limited quantities per person

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Early access to Plant Sale at 8:00 AM on Saturday. MUST PRESENT MEMBERSHIP CARD TO PURCHASE PLANTS DURING THESE TIMES! Split payments will not be permitted.

Ticket prices are $7/adult, $6/seniors, $5 for children 6-12 and children under 5 are free. Members enjoy free admission.

The Spring Plant Sale is a rain or shine event. Parking is limited and carpooling is encouraged. Visit smithgilbertgardens.com or call 770-919-0248 for complete details. Smith-Gilbert Gardens is located at 2382 Pine Mountain Road in Kennesaw.

Sampling of available plants UPDATED 4/26/18
Limited selection of Bonsai
Limited conifer selection – perfect for bonsai starters
A wide selection of trees including rare and unique dogwoods and Japanese maples
Purple flowering Lantana – BUTTERFLIES LOVE LANTANA!
Beautiful new varieties of daylilies, including Hemerocalis ‘Moses Fire,’ H. ‘Brer Rabbit’s Baby,’ H. ‘Double Royal Purple,’ H. ‘Lava Flow,’ H. ‘Jean Swann,’ and H. ‘Double Trouble’  
A variety of plants for pollinators
NEW! Baptisia ‘Lemon Meringue’
Asclepias tuberosa, butterfly weed -MONARCH BUTTERFLY’S HOST PLANT!
Polynogatum ‘Variegatum’…LOVES THE SHADE!
Scabiosa, pincushion flower
Salvia elegans, Pineapple sage – a HUMMINGBIRD MAGNET!
Assortment of tomatoes including ‘Pink Brandywine,’ ‘Lemon Boy,’ and more
Red and green bell peppers
Culinary herbs including basil, bronze fennel, thyme, sage, rosemary
Numerous fragrant native azaleas
Snow Ball viburnum
Fragrant Spice Bush Calycanthus floridus
Butterfly Bush
A wonderful selection of Hydrangea, including ‘Merits Supreme’
The only Lilac for the south ‘Miss Kim’…intensely fragrant…Syringa pubescens.

All subject to limited availability

White Water’ Variegated Weeping Redbud 
A unique weeping habit with pure white, new foliage. The attractive dark rose-purple blooms are followed by the striking white and variegated leaves. The heart-shaped leaves ultimately turn to green as the growing season progresses. Use as a unique specimen, and it’s perfect in smaller landscapes.

‘Alley Cat’ Variegated Redbud 
Found growing wild in an alley, the ‘Alley Cat’ Variegated Eastern Redbud Tree has turned out to be a sweet and adorable charmer when brought into the garden and shown a little love. Featuring lavender-pink flowers that hug the branches in spring and pretty heart-shaped leaves splashed with white variegation, this handsome ornamental tree will steal your heart!

‘Carolina Sweetheart’ Red Leafed Weeping Red Bud 
There is nothing else on the planet quite like this tree! First it has amazing pink flowers in the early spring. Then the new leaves emerge purpley pinky, but over time, gain various shades of white, green, and wait for it…hot pink! ‘Carolina Sweetheart’ makes Coleus look drab in comparison. Eventually, the leaves turn green in summer but brilliant yellow fall color!

‘Appalachian Spring’ Dogwood 
This prolific spring bloomer has pretty rounded white bracts that don’t overlap; a small upright tree with layered branches and full, rounded form; abundant red fruit in late summer and great red fall color; shows anthracnose resistance.

‘Elmwood’ Ginko 
This slow-growing narrow Ginkgo was found as a witch’s broom. Its narrow form and slow growth rate make it a very nice cultivar. And wait til you see the fall color!

‘Green Mile’ Magnolia virginiana 
‘Green Mile’ Sweetbay has a distinctive vertical tendency that works well as a single stem tree. The dark green, lustrous foliage is superior to the species throughout the growing season and is mostly evergreen. ‘Green Mile’ should prove useful in settings where a slightly more formal look is preferred.

‘Cherokee Brave’ Dogwood 
Deservedly one of the most popular American Dogwoods, Cherokee Brave offers a bit of extra beauty for every season. Large red blooms, spring and fall foliage changes, and ornamental berries all contribute to its popularity as an understory or specimen tree in the landscape.The foliage opens with burgundy and maroon tones overlaying the green. By summer it is entirely green and very dense, but it turns brilliant maroon again in autumn, remaining for weeks before dropping for winter. Very showy!

‘Cherokee Princess’ Dogwood 
‘Cherokee Princess’ is a cultivar that is noted for its consistently early and heavy bloom of flowers with large white bracts. Good rust-red fall color. Originally introduced in 1959-60 as C. florida ‘Sno-White’.

‘Appalachian Joy’ Dogwood 
White flowering dogwood with extra bracts on each inflorescence. This and Appalachian Snow appear to have excellent powdery mildew resistance.

‘Hearts of Gold’ Yellow Leafed Redbud 
‘Hearts of Gold’ is a new cultivar discovered by former JC Raulston Arboretum employee Jon Roethling in someone’s yard in North Carolina! This outstanding and unique form of our eastern redbud is distinguished by its striking, intense golden-yellow spring foliage that gradually changes to chartreuses as the summer advances. The light purple flowers are plentiful in each cluster. The actively growing shoot tips take on an orange-red tone, making a distinct contrast to the older, chartreuse-colored leaves. ‘Hearts of Gold’ will express its gold color more effectively in full sun.

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