In Town Center, most people begin their journey on the Noonday Creek Trail at the trailhead off Bells Ferry Road. Town Center Community partnered with Cobb County in 2017 to update the trailhead with amenities such as a restroom, parking lot, trash receptacles, bikeshare station, benches, lighting, landscaping and water fountains for people and pets.

Construction of a new segment of the trail in Cherokee County began in January 2024. This segment will start at the trail’s southern end near Noonday Creek Park on Shallowford Road in unincorporated Cobb County and progress northward eventually continuing under Highway 92 to connect with Woodstock’s existing Noonday Creek Trail.

Cobb County also is working to expand the trail from the Bells Ferry Road trailhead northward to Noonday Creek Park. Once both segments are completed, the Noonday Creek Trail will connect Woodstock and Cherokee County trail networks with Cobb County’s trail network.

Artist: Kylee Sykes
Walton High School