Located at the center of the Mechanics in Motion is an iconic 1964 Musketeer A23 Beechcraft Airplane mounted on a pole 16 feet above the ground. This plan was refurbished and installed as a part of our Phase II improvements to Aviation Park. The plane lights were converted to LED lights and re-configured to point downward and light up the area at night. 

Phase II improvements to Aviation Park also included the installation of four outdoor educational exhibits containing a series of panels, photographs, oral histories, and interactive elements that engage visitors in the exploration of aviation history and science. These exhibits explore the science of flight; jobs in aviation; the history of flight on the local, state, and national levels; and the pilot’s experience in the cockpit. All exhibits are aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE), creating numerous opportunities for the use of Aviation Park as a field trip destination.

Artists: McCartney Smith, Elise Cockrell, Genesis Bragg, Ishaaq Shadeed, Kathlyn Tavores
Kell High School