Bluebird Box Update

June 17, 2017

The house wrens must really love our bird box and its location because they are building again. We don’t know if it’s the same pair or not. One article suggested that usually the wrens will nest in a different site for their second brood. Once the young have fledged, they are fully independent in about 2 weeks so that timing would be correct for this to be the same pair. To get bluebirds to nest, we could try putting up another bird box. If we cleaned the wren nest out each week to, hopefully, get bluebirds to nest, the wrens might peck holes in the bluebird eggs. House wrens are very aggressive that way. So beside not wanting to interrupt nature, it would really do no good to remove the wren’s nest.


June 24, 2017

Eggs! The wrens have started laying their eggs. There are currently 2 eggs. They will lay one per day until all are laid, usually 5-8 eggs. The last nest had 7 eggs.