Butterfly House Dos and Don’ts

Not sure what the etiquette is when walking through a butterfly house? Here are some hints to help you along!

PLEASE WALK: Our butterfly house is a “cozy” place, if you run you might fall on your face

-With winding slate paths and plants galore, it can be very easy to get tripped up in all the excitement. Please enjoy the butterfly house at a leisurely pace.

Final house photos 2

BE GENTLE: No catching or disturbing butterflies please, if you wait they might land on you as they float on the breeze

-Butterfly wings are fragile and can be easily damaged by attempts to catch them. And butterflies are FAST when they are trying to avoid being caught. If you are still and patient, you will have better luck waiting for them to land on you.

Monarchs galore


WATCH YOUR FEET: Butterflies like to lay in the sun, if you’re not careful you might step on one

-Butterflies are cold-blooded and thus rely on the sun’s rays to provide them with vital energy. As you’re walking, be sure to look down in case a butterfly is basking in your path.

Silver Spotted Skipper on block


LOOK BEFORE YOU EXIT: Some butterflies might hitch a ride on your sleeve, check your clothes and shoes before you leave

-Much like you when you get cozy, when a butterfly finds a nice spot they are not prone to fly away. If one has taken a liking to your sleeve or pants leg, gently brush them off to ensure they stay in the house.

butterfly on margaret

And most importantly: HAVE FUN