Dog Days at the Gardens
Every Saturday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Attention all dog lovers! It's time to let your furry friend experience the beauty of Smith-Gilbert Gardens with our Dog Days at the Gardens program. For just $3 per visit, your pup can explore the gardens alongside you. And for the ultimate experience, grab a season-long Dog Membership for only $20! Your furry friend will receive a signature Smith-Gilbert Gardens gift to remember their adventures. Don't miss out on this tail-wagging opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with your best friend.

• Free for members
• General Admission for non-members

All dog visits are $3 per visit, or a dog membership can be purchased for the season
• $20 Dog Memberships available – your furry friend will receive a signature Smith-Gilbert Gardens gift!

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Come Prepared!
Canine & Owner Policies and Code of Conduct

(Updated January 2023)

• All dogs must be on a leash while on Garden property, including the parking lot.
• NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES ARE PERMITTED. Non-retractable leashes may be no longer than six feet. If a dog arrives with a retractable leash, and there is no other leash to use, the Garden staff reserve the right to refuse admittance.
• No more than ONE DOG PER ADULT is permitted in the Garden at a time.
• Dogs are not permitted in special exhibit space – including the Garden with Wings Butterfly Exhibit.
• All dogs must be socialized and have updated vaccinations and registrations. The use of heartworm and tick prevention products is recommended.
• Dog should have a well-fitted collar and tags should be displayed on the collar.
• Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
• Dogs only! Animals other than dogs are not permitted inside the Garden. This includes but is not limited to: wolf hybrids, cats, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, ferrets, rats, birds, and reptiles.
• For their safety, puppies under four months old are not permitted.
• Please bring your own water and treats – and doggie disposal bags!
• Pet owners are responsible for their dog’s actions and behavior.
• By participating in Dog Days at the Gardens, dog owners take full responsibility for their dog’s behavior and assume liability for damages suffered by anyone who is bitten by a guest’s dog while on Garden property.
• For the safety of both your dog and the natural environment, stay on established paved and dirt paths. This protects all life forms (plants and animals)!
• Dogs must be attended and supervised at all times by a person 18 years or older. No unattended dogs are permitted in the Garden at any time.
• Please leave the Garden as you found it! Dog feces must be cleaned up by the handler immediately.
• Please use discretion where you permit your dog to urinate. Many of the Garden’s plants can be damaged by dog urine.
• Dogs are not permitted in plant beds, ponds, or near (including on top or in contact with) any sculptures.
• Dog handler must have leashed dog in hand at all times and dogs must be restrained at all times at a distance no greater than six feet in length from their handler.
• There is a limit of one dog per adult handler.
• Dogs must be removed from the Garden at the first sign of aggression.
• Female dogs in heat are prohibited from entering the dog Garden.
• Spayed/neutered animals are recommended.
• Persons who violate these rules are subject to removal from the Garden and/or suspension.