Erosion Control

End view of an erosion control water bar
A ground-level view of the water bar installation.

By KMHS Intern Jeremy

Over the course of my internship, I’ve narrowed down my research topic to erosion, particularly the prevention of further erosion at the gardens.

I planned doing this originally by testing different design parameters like materials and dimension of the erosion control device, but I ultimately decided to test how angle variations in the device could have an affect on volume of water retention and redirection measured through sediment buildup.

My research utilizes a water bar design that is found throughout the gardens while enveloping it in landscaping fabric to ensure sediments will be trapped and available for data collection. I plan to run 3 trials for each increment of angular rotation for however many rotations I may have time to do. My initial hypothesis was that the leveled water bar would be most efficient in collecting sediment buildup, but time will only tell what the results will be.

For now, I hope to be of further help to the staff at Smith-Gilbert Gardens and continue to collect data whenever the weather will cooperate.