Two Schools of Thought: Why or Why Not Leave a Hummingbird Feeder Out?

Written by Julia Elliott, owner Bird Watcher Supply Store and hummingbird bander As we enter into fall and temperatures drop, we always get the question, “When should I take my hummingbird feeders down?” Our response is an empathic – don’t! Although rare, we do have wintering hummingbirds in Georgia. Rufous is the most common species, followed by Calliope and Black-chinned, … Read More

Hummingbirds in the Year of COVID-19

Written by Pat Pepper, Birder and SGG Volunteer Today, October 13, 2020, I took my hummingbird feeder down, washed it, and put it away until next year. It had been five days since I last saw my two little visitors. I have been putting out nectar for hummingbirds for many years, but this year was different. My feeder hung just … Read More

Erosion Control

By KMHS Intern Jeremy Over the course of my internship, I’ve narrowed down my research topic to erosion, particularly the prevention of further erosion at the gardens. I planned doing this originally by testing different design parameters like materials and dimension of the erosion control device, but I ultimately decided to test how angle variations in the device could have an … Read More

Lady Slipper Rescue

By KMHS Intern Sofia This past week was a pretty exciting one for the gardens, Ms. Lisa, and me. I had never heard of a plant rescue; I simply knew we were going on a field trip. We arrived at the property of a garden volunteer who was moving. She found a very special plant in her backyard. She thought … Read More

Meet Our Intern Sophia!

Hello there! My name is Sofia and I am interning at the Smith-Gilbert Gardens this semester. I am a senior at Kennesaw Mountain High School, and I am part of their STEM Magnet Program. The program requires that all seniors intern in a field or place of their choosing and conduct a research question there. I chose to intern here … Read More

This Drought and Your Landscape

large tree with leaves fading to a brownish color

Hard to believe fall is right around the corner when summer refuses to go away. As of this writing, it has been 3 weeks without a drop of rain and with 71 days of temperatures in the upper nineties, the gardens are showing it. You know it’s dry when the weeds are wilted. Dry summers are not that unusual in … Read More

Meet our intern Jeremy!

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am a new intern at the Smith-Gilbert Gardens. I am currently a senior enrolled in the Kennesaw Mountain High School’s magnet program, which requires students to conduct a scientific research or engineering design through an internship opportunity, and I decided to construct my research project here at the garden. Throughout my high school … Read More

Where do SGG’s Butterflies Come From?

It’s hard to believe we are in our 4th season of A Garden With Wings Butterfly House. The Vivarium (butterfly free-flight house) has been one of our most successful exhibitions. People love butterflies. What’s not to love? With their colorful wings, butterflies look more like self-propelled flowers than anything else does. Even people who are normally afraid of insects forget … Read More

A Mission of Conservation

Smith-Gilbert Gardens has a mission to serve as a resource for conservation, education, and enjoyment of horticulture, fine arts, and historic preservation. Our mission of conservation impacts all aspects of our operations – from butterflies to the rose garden. When you visit the butterfly house, you may notice there seem to be fewer varieties this year. It’s not your imagination. Here’s … Read More

2019 Rose Garden Gala Live Auction

You must be present at the Rose Garden Gala to bid on these live auction items. Bidding on silent auction items is open to all – click here to view silent auction items and register to bid. ONE WEEK VACATION! Siesta Key beach home in sunny Florida 6 people, 6 nights Relax in your private getaway on Siesta Key – … Read More