Staff’s Pick – April 2012

By Shon Cameron, SGG Head Gardener This month’s plant pick can easily make you think of the witches from Shakespeare’s – Macbeth.  With a common name like Lungwort most peoples reaction (including your truly) is UGH gross. Why would I want that in my yard – ever? However, this plant is also known as Plumonaria (puhl-muohn-AIR-ee-uh). Pulmo in Latin it … Read More

Birds of SGG

By Pat Pepper The bird of the month is the Eastern Phoebe (feebee). Before I tell you about this bird, I’d like to say a few words about how to identify birds because when I first saw this bird in the gardens on March 15th, I wrongly identified it. I left SGG thinking I would be writing about an Eastern … Read More

Smith-Gilbert Gardens Without Volunteers?

Imagine Smith- Gilbert Gardens operating without a dedicated volunteer force. The small staff here would really be struggling to accomplish just the routine matters not to mention all the extraordinary tasks that come up. Fortunately, we are able to rely on our very faithful group of volunteers to step up and assist whenever we ask. We have a group of … Read More

Birds of SGG, March 2012

By Pat Pepper During the month of February, you could be walking around the Gardens when all of a sudden you could hear a strange rattling cry coming from above. If you bother to look up, you might be witness to the glorious sight of perhaps hundreds of Sandhill Cranes migrating north. Because you will always hear them before you … Read More

Staff’s “Pick”

By Shon Cameron This month’s plant of choice heralds in spring.  We are so used to seeing it in a garden or landscape, we could easily forget how special the flower really is; let’s give a round of applause for the harbinger of spring, Narcissus commonly known as the Daffodil. The Daffodil Society lists more than (1,600) sixteen-hundred cultivars in … Read More

Artist’s Profile

By Doug Davis Q.:  What do you get when you cross an acetylene torch and a happy man who is very reminiscent of Santa Claus? A:  Ed Chrisman! Background:  Ed, who played football with exceptional skill, found his calling in scrap metal decades ago.  No, not as a recycler, but as an artist. Anyone with a creative bent, however, will understand … Read More

Gather ‘n’ Grow Grand Opening- Saturday, March 10th, 10 am-12 noon.

Finally! It is almost here–March, the month that our new ¼ acre Gather ‘n’ Grow Garden comes on-line to help inspire and educate people about growing food and how we are connected to our environment. You can check out the video of the construction of our newest addition but you really need to see it to appreciate it! Join us … Read More

Water on the Brain

By Dr. Robert Gilbert I spent the first five years of my life living outside the city limits of Dayton, Ohio, in my grandparents’ fishing cabin on the Stillwater River. Every one of my mother’s brothers and sisters lived there before us when first married. My mother, the youngest, was the last. Each successive sibling improved the small house. As … Read More

Staff “Pick”- Coffin Tree

By Shon Cameron, SGG Head Gardener On your next visit to the garden come view our Coffin Tree.  It doesn’t have pretty flowers or a heavenly scent like some of our other trees.  What is does have is a very fascinating history and has been used to make incredible works of art for centuries. Taiwania cryptomeriodes is the Latin name … Read More

Birds of SGG – Carolina Wren

It was another beautiful, sunny, winter day at SGG on Jan.5, 2012, as I looked for the bird of the month. I was walking on the conifer garden path nearest the entrance driveway. While the gardens have so many beautiful areas, I think I like the conifer section best. The symmetry of conifers makes me smile. The tall ones are … Read More