How to be truly Happy

By Lynn Vanderhoff One fine October day, June Jack, sister of one of the Gardens founder Richard Smith, stopped by SGG for a visit. She and I got to talking about her memories of “Hap” as he was called. “Hap” is short for “Happy”, which described his countenance and demeanor. Miss June described wonderful visits and meals they shared, as … Read More

Let the Feasting Begin!

Is fall a great time to start feeding wild birds? Now that there are some chilly days out there it is a great time to start feeding the wild birds, right? Well the answer is yes, but not for the reason most people think. Tradition has it that you should start feeding the wild birds in the fall. It is … Read More

Why Volunteer Here?

By Doug Davis The Great State of Tennessee (in which I happened to originate) is known as the Volunteer State because more men from that State volunteered for both sides than from any other area during the Civil War.  Why would anyone decide to give of themselves, and in many cases their life, for such a cause?  The basic answers … Read More

In defense of a hand lens: When everything comes down to the fine points

By Dr. Bob Gilbert Walking to the mailbox one day in October I was shocked to find what appeared to be a gentian. From school days I remembered a poem by William Cullen Bryant, (do not ask me why this is the only poem I remember): Thou waited late, and com’st alone, When woods are bare and birds have flown, And frost and shortening days portend, … Read More

October Volunteer of the Month – Cindy Hafer

Cindy is one of our most dependable volunteers. Always agreeable, she is willing to help in any way she can from washing tables and chairs preparing for a special event, working out in the garden, to helping to park cars down in the out of the way back lot. Cindy is always on hand to assist with the Children’s Education … Read More

Autumn Rose

by Bruce Gillett, MD “More exquisite than any other is the autumn rose” Theodore Agrippa d’Aubigne (1552-1630) Autumn is a great time to enjoy the Rose Garden at Smith-Gilbert Gardens as well as your roses at home. You planted, pruned, sprayed, fertilized, watered, and deadheaded. Now you deserve to meander in your rose garden enjoying the cooler mornings. During this … Read More

Converting your yard to a habitat

By Dr. Bob Gilbert We are all becoming more conscious of our environment, becoming “greener.” The property surrounding where we live is no longer a yard but can be called a habitat. We are being urged to use more native plants, fewer chemicals and natural products. You can now even register your property with the National Wildlife Federation and become … Read More

September Volunteer of the Month

Our Volunteer of the Month for the month of September is the ever dependable Susie Langford. Susie and husband Tom have one son and have lived in Chimney Lakes Subdivision in East Cobb for 29 years. Susie has a BA from Indiana University and was employed as Store Accountant for Pike Family Nurseries for 15 years. She is a Cobb … Read More

Sweet Fern

By Dr. Bob Gilbert While at Ammons Nursery in Tuckasegee recently I spotted a fern like plant with woody stems that was new to me, Comptonia peregrina or Sweet Fern. From the Internet I discovered it is not a true fern but belongs to the bayberry family. It is a small shrub or a shrublet. The leaves have glandular hairs … Read More

Artist Profile – John Guernsey

If you have visited the Brick Room Gallery in the past couple of years, you probably took note of artist John Guernsey’s work. He has displayed his oil landscapes of Smith-Gilbert Gardens several times and won multiple awards at our Plein Air painting competitions.