Smith-Gilbert Gardens – Past, Present, and Future

Excerpts from The Dibbler by Jan Dahling with contributions from Dr. Robert Gilbert, Jack Driskell, Patti Locke, Cheryle Kerr, Courtney Vanderbilt, Doris and Don Meadows, and the City of Kennesaw The location known as Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw has a rich history.  But this is no ordinary botanical garden…it is a unique, lifetime collection in a historical location…a garden vision … Read More

The other dogwood: An underappreciated native

By Dr. Bob Gilbert We are so used to seeing our native Dogwood Cornus florida in the spring we tend to not recognize other native Dogwoods such as Cornus alternifolia (al-ter-ni-foli-a). There are two types of Dogwood blooms. Cornus florida has white petals more accurately called bracts with the true small yellow flowers in the middle. The other bloom type … Read More

Volunteer of the Month – Suzanne Boesl

Suzanne Boesl developed a love of gardening from her father, who always had a huge vegetable garden and lovingly tended his 5 acre property. Gardening was a source of pride and a way to relieve stress for him. Gardening has become a passion for her. She has transformed her back yard into a perennial garden and is currently working to … Read More

Volunteer of the Month – Dr. Bruce Gillett

There is so much to say about the leader of the Rose Warriors, Dr. Bruce Gillett.  A retired neurologist and Master Gardener, he has put his knowledge, elbow grease and affection into making our Rose Garden picture perfect all bloomin’ season. This month the roses are spectacularly gorgeous as a result of his group’s careful care. (And just in time … Read More

Thursday Work Group (Master Gardeners and Friends)

By Jan Dahling, MG Volunteer Co-chairperson Yes, Spring is Finally Here!!! Mother Nature is quite amazing in how she can give us a few warm days and this can transfer a garden into something spectacular!  We have been quite busy tidying up the perennial beds, the woodland paths, rock and bog gardens.  The efforts of our work are beginning to show with … Read More

Volunteer of the Month – Joe Collins

Smith-Gilbert Gardens benefits from the great gardeners network by attracting volunteers at every opportunity. At a Master Gardeners meeting SGG member Jo-Evelyn Morris introduced Joe Collins and his neighbor Ken Johnson to SGG and invited them to visit. Joe called to inquire about how to become a Friend of the Master Gardeners and has grown with us ever since!

Bonsai “Bent”

The wonderful bonsai collection at Smith-Gilbert Garden was created by Atlanta Bonsai Society (ABS) member Dr. Bob Gilbert and Richard Smith over a 35-year period. The growing bonsai collection includes trees donated by Gilbert, Sid and Mary Pratt, Don Schuck, and other area enthusiasts. Garden volunteers and members of the Smith-Gilbert Bonsai Study Group are working under the direction of … Read More

A Rose by Any Other Name

Contributed by Bruce Gillett, MD “This urge, wrestle, resurrection of dry sticks, Cut stems struggling to put down feet, What saint strained so much, Rose on such lopped limbs to a new life?” Cuttings (Later)Theodore Roethke (1908 -1963) I love Roethke’s quote; it speaks to me about pruning roses.  Most roses in our area should be pruned during the last … Read More

Volunteer of the Month

If you visit the Hiram Butler House, you will no doubt run in to the diminutive lady at the entry hall desk, Toni Feldstein. Toni hails from New York City. She attended Queensboro College before moving to Connecticut with her husband Alan and their two children. She has spent her career in both Financial Services and Real Estate. After raising … Read More