Kid’s Garden Plot Series Continues

Are your kids learning anything this summer? These kids are! They came for our “Putting Seeds to Bed” program and learned all about starting plants from seeds, rootings and cuttings by visiting the Greenhouse.  They created planters from recycled paper tubes and egg cartons and got squash, beans and sunflowers seeds to start their own gardens. Then they planted some gourds and sunflowers in the Vegetable Garden.

Next they checked out how seeds planted three weeks ago were doing. Things grow fast at Smith-Gilbert Gardens! Come GROW with us!

The Kids’ Garden Plot Series continue this summer through fall so the kids can track the growth of beans, squash and some other fun plants. Any of these could be a stand-alone program, it is great for children to see the whole process from start to finish and really grasp an understanding of what plants need. So come for all or pick and choose! These one-day classes are held on:

  • July 14  Bees, Butterflies and other Garden Helpers (Pollinators and why we need them)
  • August 23, 24 or 25  Pests and Protection (Identifying enemies, weeding & fertilizing)
  • September 20, 21or 22 H2Ooooooooooo! (Water use and conservation)
  • October 25, 26 or 27  Harvest Hoe-down (Harvesting & uses)

The Junior Gardeners Programs are designed for children 5-12 years of age. The fees is $5/child. Reservations are required. Classes begin at 10:00 AM. Programs include a group discussion, a guided tour of the gardens focusing on that program’s topic, and a creative activity and/or game to reinforce the program’s content. Children receive an info sheet & completed project to take home.