Meet our intern Jeremy!

Jeremy in the garden.
Jeremy Chen comes to us as an intern from Kennesaw Mountain High School.

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am a new intern at the Smith-Gilbert Gardens. I am currently a senior enrolled in the Kennesaw Mountain High School’s magnet program, which requires students to conduct a scientific research or engineering design through an internship opportunity, and I decided to construct my research project here at the garden. Throughout my high school career, I have taken an interest in environmental science and engineering through the various respective courses taught at school. Particularly, AP environmental science which was an interesting course with very applicable topics regarding the climate and pollution among other things. I have also completed the engineering career pathway offered at the high school. Additionally, I am the co-president of the Civil Engineering Club at Kennesaw Mountain High School and I placed 3rd place in the state SkillsUSA Career Pathway Showcase – Industrial Engineering Technology competition last school year. A few hobbies that I have outside of school is drawing, playing video games, listening to music, and watching cooking videos. I am aspiring to major in environmental engineering and I figured that working first hand in a garden setting would allow me to learn from professionals of the field along with developing a better sense of professional and business etiquette. In addition, I am planning to conduct an engineering design research to benefit the garden in a sustainable manner. While I currently do not know what my research design is, I am interested in the hummingbird feeder designs, irrigation of the garden, and erosion of the pathways. As far as colleges go, I am hoping to be accepted into Georgia Tech but I have applied to various other colleges as well such as UGA and Purdue University. Last week, I even participated in the Great Georgia Pollinator Census which was a really cool experience and it was interesting observing pollinators and other insects while learning to identify different type of bee species. One new fact that I learned during my census was that there are insects that resemble hummingbirds but are different called the hummingbird clearwing, which I thought looked like a flying shrimp at first. Overall, the people and the environment at the gardens is very welcoming and I am looking forward to my semester of interning here at the garden.