Meet Our Intern Sophia!

student in a rose garden

Hello there! My name is Sofia and I am interning at the Smith-Gilbert Gardens this semester.

I am a senior at Kennesaw Mountain High School, and I am part of their STEM Magnet Program. The program requires that all seniors intern in a field or place of their choosing and conduct a research question there. I chose to intern here at the Gardens, and to focus my research topic around biology.

Biology, nature, and the body have always fascinated me since I was a little kid. Our Magnet Program offers so many biology related classes like: biology, biochemistry, advanced human genetics, human anatomy, and epidemiology and so many more, which have only helped me grow my passion for biology.

I am the Student Body President for Kennesaw Mountain High School, a student government which is passionate about community outreach, acts of service, and servant leadership. I have also interned with the Kennesaw Business Association, where I learned a lot about networking and the power that can have on bringing a community service outreach program to life. I spend most of my time at school, helping plan events like the Country Wide Special Education dance for high schoolers and middle schoolers. I also help plan our schools Shop with a Mustang, a service opportunity where we take qualifying children of the area Christmas Shopping.

I love my school and what the Mustang Nation Represents to our community and to others. I love our high school football games, I love road trips, and I love finding new places to eat with my friends. I also work at Chick-fil-A. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work at. I love all my co-workers, and we truly are a family. I love the impact the Chick-Fil-A has with events like A Night to Shine, a dance put on by the Tim – Tebow foundations for kids with special needs across the country, and daddy daughter date night.

I am researching the effects of using no chemicals on Hybrid-Tea Roses in the humid south. I am a big football gal, and I am a big Dawgs fan, and hope to go to UGA and major in their biology program. I am thrilled to be working here at the gardens and really cultivate my love for biology.