Rose Garden Gala

A beautiful evening dedicated to support the Smith-Gilbert Gardens. The gala takes place in May among the roses and is presented by the Smith-Gilbert Gardens Foundation.

Hummingbird Banding

A truly one-of-a-kind experience, Julia Elliott (AKA The Hummingbird Whisperer) from Kennesaw’s own Bird Watcher Supply Company will be banding hummingbirds to gain vital information about bird history, especially migratory details and relative abundance of a given bird species from year to year. When a bird is banded, the bander collects important data about the bird’s age, sex, condition, and plumage characteristics as well.

Easter Egg Hunt

Fun and games, stories and crafts will abound. Take pictures with the Easter Bunny! Spend time exploring the gardens and visit the newly renovated Gift Shop & Art Gallery. Your family will make memories for a lifetime! Advance tickets are required.

Great Backyard Bird Count

SGG will be participating in this global event in February to watch, learn, count, and celebrate birds!

Great Georgia Pollinator Census

An event for anyone to participate in at home in the backyard or at the Gardens. The census takes place in August and helps further our knowledge of pollinator populations. Developed by UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and the Center for Urban Agriculture.