SGG Bluebird Box Update- April 4, 2017

Written by Cheri Collins

April 4, 2017

bluebird box

A twist in the SGG bluebird nesting story; it looks like our bluebird nest box has been taken over by Carolina chickadees. Did the bluebirds abandon the nest or did the chickadees show dominance and evict the bluebirds? And who will end up with the box as their home? Even if it is the Chickadees that end up with the box, bluebirds can use the box after the chickadees fledge. You can see in the photo that the chickadees have put their signature moss over the bluebirds’ pine straw. Chickadee eggs are white with reddish-brown speckles concentrated at the larger end, bluebird eggs are solid pale blue, although they can also be solid white on occasion.