Azalea bonsai show difference in Japanese, Western aesthetic

By Dr. Robert Gilbert Evergreen azaleas can make wonderful bonsai. One principle reason is that they can stand a lot of pruning. Azaleas have a large number of dormant buds along their trunks and branches that are called adventitious buds. You already know this if you have ever grown azaleas. Prune it, run a lawn mower over it or break … Read More

Portrait of the gardens founders installed

Family and friends gathered on June 21 in the library at Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw to unveila portrait of SGG’s founders Richard L. Smith and Dr. Robert Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert commissioned the portrait created by artist Camille Barton of Franklin, NC, as a permanent remembrance of Richard Smithwho died in 2002. The portrait was revealed in a ceremony attended by … Read More