The Thursday Work Group Digs the Gardens

By Jack Driskell, Master Gardener

The Thursday Group continues working to maintain the garden as a whole. In spite of the heat and humidity we are having a good group of volunteers show up for the work session. There is always work to do in the perennial bed. Sometimes I feel we are losing the battle against Vernonia, common name Ironweed. This plant has a beautiful purple flower but it likes to spread its seed everywhere.

Recently the Thursday Group worked on the Hostas throughout the Gardens by cutting back spent bloom scapes and digging up a few sick Hostas and sending them to the Hospital (Patti’s Greenhouse Intensive Care Unit).

Each week one of the volunteers shares information and photographs of a garden they have visited which is usually very interesting and informative. Last month, I gave an overview of Ooskerke Castle Garden designed by Mein Ruys. If you are looking for something fun to do on Thursday mornings (around this time of year we meet from 7-9am to beat the heat), contact the Gardens at 770-919-0248 and make arrangements to meet with our part-time volunteer coordinator, Jim Parks. Jim may also be reached electronically at