Volunteer of the Month – Dr. Bruce Gillett

Dr. Bruce Gillett

There is so much to say about the leader of the Rose Warriors, Dr. Bruce Gillett.  A retired neurologist and Master Gardener, he has put his knowledge, elbow grease and affection into making our Rose Garden picture perfect all bloomin’ season. This month the roses are spectacularly gorgeous as a result of his group’s careful care. (And just in time for the Rose Garden Gala!) The Rose Garden itself is dedicated to the memory of his lovely wife, Dale Gillett.

In November of 2004, Bruce was involved with the Master Gardeners’ Rose Garden, then located on County Services Parkway. He and other rose enthusiasts decided the site was too hidden and needed to be moved to a place better suited for an educational setting. Searching around, he discovered that the Cedar Field at Smith-Gilbert had the perfect East-West sun exposure. Bruce designed the Rose Garden in 2005 and organized the move and dubbed his volunteer group the ‘Rose Warriors.’ Once they became ‘rooted’ here, their presence inspired other Master Gardener groups to begin additional service projects at Smith-Gilbert Gardens.   Those ventures now include ‘Plant-a-Row’ (for our vegetable garden), an apiary, and a general gardening crowd on Thursday.

After the rose relocation, the City of Kennesaw asked Bruce to establish the Smith-Gilbert Gardens Foundation. He served as its President for several years. Bruce is a contributor to the SGG newsletter, serves as a Docent leading garden tours, and gives educational lectures.  He will be teaching an educational program, “Rose Care,” here on Saturday, June 18thstarting at 10 a.m.  One week later on June 25th he will conduct another program entitled the “Perils and Pitfalls of Gardening.” Bruce says he is “happy to be involved with all the wonderful people at SGG .” Bruce’s kindness and warmth have earned him much love and respect by everyone here at the Garden.  With their smiling blossoms, the roses are always glad to see him too!