Why would I want to be a Volunteer at Smith-Gilbert Gardens?

House Volunteer Sarah Mansfield greets visitor Bill Thornton, a former resident (ca. 1950s) of the Hiram Butler House

By Jim Park, Volunteer Coordinator, jparks@smithgilbertgardens.com

I think that’s one of the easiest questions to answer.

  • First, you get to be in one of the prettiest environments in the Metro area.
  • Second, you get to be around some of the nicest people you’ve ever met.
  • Third, but certainly not least, is when you put in 30 volunteer hours in a calendar year you and a guest get FREE entry to Smith-Gilbert Gardens, and discounts on educational programs.
    • Also a plus for volunteering here is the amount of “free” gardening information you pick up just being here.
    • If you are inclined to work with any of our Work Groups there is a ton of hands-on experience to be gained whether you are into general gardening, vegetable gardening, roses and camellias, or bonsai.
    • If you’re not a “get your hands dirty” type person then you have the opportunity to help out in the Hiram Butler House,
    • Or become a Tour Docent and take groups on tours of the house and gardens,
    • Or you could assist us with some of our special events like the upcoming Plein Air Painting Event in May or the Garden Gallop 5K Road Race in June.

Why don’t you think about it? You are guaranteed to enjoy your time here! It’s lots of fun!

“Extreme Gardening” - Volunteers clean out the pond